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Ghost Eye Mini Aussies

Mini Aussie Males

                      Jack’s Pedigree  -reference sire          Rio’s Pedigree -retired                Colt’s Pedigree -retired


                      Wil’s Pedigree  -retired                          Okie’s Pedigree  -retired            Oatis’s Pedigree


                      Gus’s Pedigree  -retired                         Rip’s Pedigree                            Wiley’s Pedigree - sold


                      Tex’s Pedigree  - retired                         Sioux’s Pedigree- retired          Buckshot’s Pedigree


                      Zane’s Pedigree                                      Nash’s Pedigree                           Sammy’s Pedigree


                      Levi’s Pedigree                                       Pete’s Pedigree                          Jake’s Pedigree


Retired Males


Mini Aussie Female                                                                                                            Toy Aussie Females

                      Hip’s Pedigree - retired                         Kate’s Pedigree                            Spur’s Pedigree  -retired               

                      Paris’s Pedigree -retired                        Ellie’s Pedigree                            Libby’s Pedigree - retired

                      Bandit’s Pedigree   -retired                    Maddie’s Pedigree                       Annie’s Pedigree -retired

                      Katy’s Pedigree - retired                        Billy’s Pedigree                            Haley’s Pedigree  -retired

                      Jessie’s Pedigree -retired                     Scarlett’s Pedigree                        Josie’s Pedigree

                      Molly’s Pedigree -retired                       Betty’s Pedigree                          Minnie’s Pedigree

                      Callie’s Pedigree -retired                      Patti’s Pedigree                            Lily’s Pedigree

                      Skye’s Pedigree -retired                       Sally’s Pedigree                          Dally’s Pedigree

                      Lacey’s Pedigree -retired                      Prairie’s Pedigree

                      Gin’s Pedigree –retired                          Heidi’s Pedigree

                      Blue’s Pedigree -retired                         Dun’s Pedigree

                      Ruby’s Pedigree-retired                         Mo’s Pedigree

                      Daisy’s Pedigree                                     Reba’s Pedigree  -RIP

                      Mardi’s Pedigree                                     Sedona’s Pedigree

                      Sage’s Pedigree                                       Hymn’s Pedigree

                    Riata’s Pedigree                                   Dawn’s Pedigree

                    June’s Pedigree                                    Mesa’s Pedigree


Young Up-coming Females

Retired Females


Available Puppies

Prairie & Oatis Fall 2019 Litter    Pup#1    Pup#2    Pup#3

Billy & Buckshot Fall 2019 Litter     Pup#1     Pup#2     Pup#3    Pup#4    Pup#5     Pup#6

Mardi & Buckshot Fall 2019 Litter   Pup#1    Pup#2    Pup#3  


Past Puppy Customer 2

Past Puppy Customer


Past Pups


About the Mini Aussie


History of the Mini Aussie


Packetranch Aussie Gifts



PM Quarter Horses


Our Stallions


                      Sabre Smoken


                      Sabre Plain Remedy


                      PM Nic’s Smoken Joe


                      Freedom’s Legacy


                      Smart N Freedom


                      Sabres Remedy


Our Mares


                      Sabre Miss N League


                      Sabre Poco Solanos


                      Sabre Last Blue San


                      Sabre Lucky Lynx


                      PM Freedom Solena


                      PM Remedys Soleague


                      PM Rems Gay Bar Lynx


                      PM Rems Freckle San


                      PM Nics Pepilena


                      PM Rems Redhead


                      PM Rems Pepilena


                      PM Smoken Red Maid


                      Tic Tac Blondie


                      PM Legacy’s Missy


                      Oil of Baca


Sale Horses

Yearlings-       PM  Joe’s Blue San

                        PM Joe’s Wild Starr

                        PM Joe’s Fancy Abel

                        PM Joe’s Blazin League

                         PM Joe’s Dark Legacy

                        PM Joe’s Fancy Babe

                        PM Joe’s Pepinic

                       PM Joe’s Freckle San

                       PM Joe’s Freedom


Three Year Olds -  PM Nics Lil Miss Fancy

                              PM Nics Final Baca

                              PM Nics Topgun

                             PM Nics Fancy Gun

                              PM Nics Freedom Gun

                              PM Rems Tic Tac


Four Year Olds - PM Nic’s Smoken Joe

                                 PM Rems Gay Chick        

                                 PM Nics Baca Babe

                                 PM Nics Freedom  

                                 PM Rem’s San


Five Year Olds -   PM Rem’s Redhead

                                 PM  Rem’s Pepilena        

                                 PM Smoken Red Maid

                                 PM Smoken Up Oil

                                 PM Smoken Solano

                                 PM Nic’s Dun 


Six Year Olds -         PM  Rems Freckle San

                                 PM Rems Gay Bar Lynx

                                 PM  Nic’s Silver Babe 

                                 PM Smart N Pepnic

                                 PM  Nic’s Loud N Proud


Other-           Sabre Miss N League

                      Tic Tac Blondie      

                      Sabre Plain Remedy

                      Sabre Smoken

                      PM Remedys Redsolano

                      PM Tiny Tim


Past Customers


PM Packet Art/Paintings


PM Packet Western Lifestyle Photography


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