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We have received the results for the DNA health testing on our breeding dogs.

Please check out more info on these tests on our “About the Mini Aussie” page to see if your pup is effected!

Results are posted on our Male/ Female pages.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!!!

Thanks Penny  -Updated-January 28,2015

Well it's maddens first birthday today and it has already started with him puking on my bed.... Madden spent his first birthday with all his doggie friends at his agility practice! Madden can't compete just yet as he is not 18 months old! But my instructors told me he is doing great for as young as he is! And he'll be introduced to sheep pretty soon to see what he'll do! He also comes on trail rides, bike rides, and numerous trips to the local dog park! He loves the cats I live with, but still very not sure about men and young kids! But we're working on that!! 
Here are some recent pics of him!!  I’m not too sure if this video will work! But this is him at practice a couple weeks ago! He’s super fast and super intelligent! ( The orange tape on the ground- I’m not supposed to step across and send him to the tunnel)                                                                                                                                                                          Maysen- Edmonton, Alberta

Text Box: Ghost Eye Madden
Jessie x Wil

Video of Ghost Eye Madden
11 months old doing his 
Agility practice

Video of Ghost Eye Madden
1st time out with sheep!
(Not sure if this will work , but thought I’d give it a try!)
Ghost Eye Madden as a pupText Box: Ghost Eye Madden
Jessie x Wil
Ghost Eye Madden's 1st Birthday partyGhost Eye Madden- 1 year

      If you would like to see a pic of your pup & your testimonial placed on my website, just shoot me an email. I always love to hear from previous customers & to see how one of our pups have matured.



Thanks!!!! I'll send you some pictures when there is a noticeable difference in him! Since I work for 12 hrs in a day, I can't keep him outside that long. So my sister is watching him for the weekend. She has a daughter that is almost three and they LOVE  each other, chase each other around all day, which is perfect for me. It tires him out so he sleeps better in his kennel, and it helps her go (and stay) asleep at night too!! Ha ha. What's the saying: "kill two birds with one stone"   Amanda Griemann                  - Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada

blue eyed red merle mini aussie-6 weeks

Hi Penny,

Just a quick note to say Sherlock is amazing and so darned cute!  He’s doing really well and my son is absolutely in love. 

Here’s a pic…

Dawn  -  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ghost Eye Sherlock- black tri mini aussie

Hi Penny,
She made it safe and sound. I have to thank you for sending such a wonderful dog:) She is everything we love in a dog.
    She is settling in nicely:) I took her up to my fathers place in the field, she loved it. She is already starting to follow everyone around and giving kisses. We gave her a bath and a brush and she is just hanging out with us. She is absolutely beautiful:)) I will send you pics of her shortly and if you would like I will don't mind sending them on occasion:)
Thank you again,
Laura  -  Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi Penny, we have now spent over a week with our puppy and he is absolutely great.  What a super temperament he has. He sticks to my wife like glue and I wish he would spread it a little evener between us but I am sure it will come. Thanks again!    Rob  - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

black tri miniature australian shepherd pup-bet carrier-12 weeks oldText Box: Ghost Eye Lyric
Paris x Wil

                 Thought i would sent you a quick update on Lyric.  She has blended into our family so seamlessly (except for our cat).  In fact she is best friends with both my girls, and never leaves Sophie’s side.  Earlier today they where working hand in hand getting into mischief.                                                                                              Potty training and sleeping in her crate at night are the only issues we have, but this is something we knew would happen before picking her up.                                                                                                                                  We have so many people asking where we got our beautiful puppy from.  Thank you once again.     The Funk family— Swift Current, Sask., Canada

Ghost Eye Lyric- red tri miniature australian shepherd

Hi Penny,
ust thought I would update you on Moose now at 3 months old. He seems to be a very healthy and happy boy. He has got alot better around people with socialization - he will now go up to strangers and smell them or take a treat from them which is so much better than the cowering and running he was doing when he got here. He now weighs in at 6.0kg(13.2lbs). His eyes seem to now have settled to a light greenish-yellow with  tiny light turquoise flecks. Very ghost eye...
e have enrolled him in obedience classes where he has amazed everyone with learning way ahead of standard puppies his age. He has mastered over 14 different commands including heel, target, down and stay. He is a very affectionate boy and we are loving every moment with him.
uestions: How much do Will and Paris Weigh? How is Callie doing? I'm very curious how the rest of his litter is progressing. I've included a few pics of him at 3 months old. Cheers,   Brian Orr—Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Ghost Eye Moose-red tri miniature australian shepherdText Box: Ghost Eye Moose
Pairs x Wil
Woola's 2013 xmas card- red tri miniature australian shepherd

I just add to include Woola’s 2013

Christmas Greeting.


Absolutely loved it!!!

Thanks Ming & Ras


Vancouver, B.C.


Text Box: Ghost Eye Woola
Bandit x Wil
Text Box: Ghost Eye Crymer
Katie x Wil
Text Box: Ghost Eye Sherlock
Katie x Wil
Text Box: Rimfire Katie
Text Box: Ghost Eye Gus
Jessie x Wil
Text Box: Ghost Eye Winston
Katie x Wil
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Hi Penny,

They are doing great. Having a lot of fun together. Max didn't know what to think of the cat though. Lol. Started to bark a little and wanted after her. He's doing very well doing his business outside. Only a couple piddles so far. 

Eating and drinking great. 

All is well. Talk to you soon

Faye  -  Saskatoon, Sask. Canada

Text Box: Ghost Eye Maxwell
4 months old- Katie x Wil
Ghost Eye Maxwell- blue eyed blue merle miniature australian shepherd-4 months oldGhost Eye Blue- blue eyed red merle miniature australian shepherd pup
1st day at his new home- Ghost Eye Mini Aussies, Sask., CanadaGhost Eye Blue- blue eyed red merle miniature australian shepherd pup
1st day at his new home- Ghost Eye Mini Aussies, Sask., CanadaText Box: Ghost Eye Blue
Jessie x Wil
Rimfire Katie at her new home in Nova Scotia
Ghost Eye Mini Aussies- Sask., CanadaRimfire Katie at her new home in Nova Scotia
Ghost Eye Mini Aussies- Sask., CanadaRimfire Katie at her new home in Nova Scotia
Ghost Eye Mini Aussies- Sask., CanadaGhost Eye Shep-red merle miniature australian shepherd

Hi Penny!
So tomorrow will be a wk since we got our precious little dude so I thought I would give you an update on how he's settling in. I've also attached a couple pictures just so you get an idea how hard his new life is haha. He's great with the kids (working on the nipping & herding when they run any tips would be fantastic!) he's super smart! Doing awesome on the house training & even better on the kennel training. He's really a nice little guy to have around, he's even worked on my 7 yr old Rott he follows him non stop inside and outside he just loves him (the feeling isn't quite mutual yet hahaha) anyways thought we would let you know & I hope all the others are doing great too!
Mel- Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Hi Penny!
Just wanted to give you an update on our little man! He's doing fantastic and has been the easiest puppy I've ever had to train! He's already done with accidents during the day and crying at the door to go out :) we are still working on him "herding" my youngest because she sort of likes it so she doesn't tell him to stop. His recall is fantastic for a 14 wk puppy! It's actually fantastic for a grown dog never mind a 3.5 mth old pup!! He's really amazing, he even stays in the entrance when he comes in from outside :). I have recommended the breed to anyone that's thinking about a puppy! Here are some pics of the little freak!

Text Box: Ghost Eye Shep
6.5 months old 
Katie x Wil
Ghost Eye Shep-6 1/2 months old-miniature australian shepherd
Ghost Eye Mini Aussies- Sask., Canada

Hi Penny,
Happy 10 weeks old! Luna is doing great! She's so smart. She's already learn how to sit, lay down, let go, stay, off, come, go get it, and we're working on some more! She loves being outside, and morning cuddles. She's very curious and likes to eat everything she sees, or at least tries to. Her favorite toys are a plastic bottle and the door stop! She's doing well with crate and potty training. For some reason she likes the crate and loves to take naps in it during the day and shes only has a few accidents in the house. I think it's more our fault then hers as we're all still learning to communicate with each other. She's enrolled in obedience class starting at the end of next month.  I’ve attached some pictures and below is a link of a video of her playing with door stop. It’s a family favorite.  I hope all is well! April & Shawn  -  Moose Jaw Canadian Air Force Base—Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

Ghost Eye Luna- red merle mini aussieText Box: Ghost Eye Luna
Paris x Wil

Hi Penny,
Tyler and I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how Ellie is doing. We couldn't have asked for a more amazing little pup. She is very smart and well mannered. We are having great success with potty and crate training. She is a quick learner and will come, sit, and lay down. Ellie has made an instant connection with my parents Australian Shepherd and they are two pees in a pod. Ellie loves to be out on the farm running, playing, and swimming she stays outside every chance she gets. Thank you for the continuous updates and pictures while we were waiting to get our little girl.
Thanks, Breanna and Tyler

blue eyed harlequin blue merle miniature australian shepherd-bet lines-week7Text Box: Ghost Eye Ellie
Bandit x Wil
Ghost Eye Shep & Ghost Eye Thatcher
Blue eyed merle male miniature australian shepherdsText Box: Ghost Eye Thatcher
Blue merle-2 yrs- Katie x Jack
Ghost Eye Shep
Red merle- 1yr  - Katie x Wil

Hi Penny,

   Your ears must have been ringing because I was thinking of sending you a hello and pictures of Gus!! We enjoyed our trip down there at branding and I defiantly know how crazy time it was to have a visit!! We enjoyed it anyways! With work being so busy in the summer, I don’t get to do any of the fun brandings!! Lol

    The colt is starting to grow into himself and looking good! I’m looking forward to working with him more this summer.

     Gus is great! He’s awesome with the kids and had become a little bird hunter. I was shooting pigeons last fall and the next morning they were all sitting on our door step. A few days later he had brought me a pair of magpies!! As far as I’m concerned any dog that can catch a magpie is one quick puppy!! He will lay down in front of Calianne and let her do whatever she pleases, once he’s had enough he just leaves. He’s been really great!!

     We hope you have a great calving and all the best in 2015!!

Carl & Dalynn- Cut Knife, Sask. Canada

Ghost Eye Gus & Calianne
Red tri miniature australian shepherd pup

Penny,    So we are totally in love here at our house! Blue is SUCH a nice boy! He sat in his box and either stared at me or slept the whole way home ( except for a quick pee stop in Kenaston). So good. After playing in the backyard he found a nice, cool, shady spot and napped. He seems to have such a nice personality. Thank -you so much Penny.                                                     Carma, Stan and Carson Friesen - Saskatoon, Sask.    

       Blue was great last night, hardly any whining at all. Loves his kennel and will just crawl in there to rest. He is sooo smart. Peeing and pooping outside already and will whine at us if we aren't on top of it to take him out! Wow! Has already began bringing back a ball!

Happy new year Penny! Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season! We very much enjoyed the email about the new litter, what a nice bunch of little puppies you got on the holiday! We are totally in love with that red merle male!! If is 3 too many?!
Just thought we would send an update on our beautiful little girls! They are the very best of friends, always playing, sleeping and on an adventure together! Although they are best friends they are so completely different!!
Marley is quiet, gentle, neat and never has gotten into trouble, always puts her things away and always has a neatly folded blanket in her bed..Kistol on the other hand lol she still 'talks' a lot, always groaning when she stretches or moaning while she is cuddling it always makes us smile and warms our heart! She pulls every toy out of the box and never returns them, I have to refold her blanket every night, she has stolen and chewed numerous things she shouldn't have and both eats and drinks laying down (don't want to strain oneself!) She is quite the little girl! Having said that she's loving and exuberant always obedient and quick to learn! They both love all the barn kittens, the mini donkeys and mini ponies! All you have to ask is if they want to go see the girls and they are out the door! Marley is doing quite well in the corrals and loves to work! Still need to work with her a bit yet but she's doing great! Kistol has always waited outside the corral fence and watched the action....until yesterday...looks like she's going to be a header! While Marley has always gone after the rear when they aren't cooperating, Kistol went after the nose when Marley appeared to need help lol fixed that problem in a hurry! Marley weighs in at a feathery 14 lbs and measures 16" to the top of the back, quite the petite little girl and Kistol tips the scales at 23 lbs and 17", slightly huskier lol!
I have attached a few pictures of the girls! Kistol will pose for pics anytime, where as Marley can't be bothered to stop to pose!
Both girls have been spayed and recovered well and have had healthy check ups! Both continue to go to doggy daycare every now and again, as well as training classes! They just love to go visiting!
Hope all is well!
Ashton, Kendra, Marley & Kistol - Unity, Sask.

Ghost Eye Kistol- red merle miniature australian shepherdGhost Eye Kistol- red merle miniature australian shepherdText Box: Ghost Eye Marley
Bandit x Wil
Ghost Eye Marley- red tri miniature australian shepherdGhost Eye Marley- red tri miniature australian shepherdText Box: Ghost Eye Kistol
Paris x Gus
Ghost Eye Judd & Kerra
black tri mini aussie maleGhost Eye Miller- red merle miniature australian shepherd pup

Hey Penny,
Wow, the past month and a bit has sure flown by! Miller seems to getting bigger, and stronger each day, and making a successful transition from puppyhood to the dog we always imagined he would be. He now knows how to sit and lay down, and we just started teaching him to shake a paw. He is even used to our young nieces and nephew and other young kids. Miller has also made a friend in my parents' two year old golden retriever. We feel very fortunate to have lucked out on such a good dog. It was a pleasure doing business with you and we will keep you updated as he matures. Here are a few photos to show you his progression.

Ben Hall & Daphene Eklund -Humboldt, Sask.

Text Box: Ghost Eye Miller
Callie x Wil
Text Box: Ghost Eye Judd
Jessie x Wil

Hey Penny!     At my school we offer agility practice and stock dog practice! When I first joined they said it would be really difficult for Madden to understand the difference between playing and having fun at agility, and being more serious and all work at stock dog! So I decided agility would be best for Madden... But just recently I just wanted to see what madden would do if he encountered a flock of sheep! So I went to stock dog practice last night! The trainer was excited to see how a mini would work! So I got into the arena with 5 sheep and the trainer let madden off of his rope and total instincts kicked in! Keep in mind, madden hasn't been around any sheep, nor has he had any training with sheep! I’m still blown away how fast instincts kicked in and how well he did!! If one ewe strayed away from the flock, he would go and bring her back in!! My friend took a video, so I thought you'd want to see it!!
Proud mama moment for sure!

Hi Penny,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                We got our little guy Judd from you last March - he was one of Jessie & Wil's pups. I have to say, it has been such an amazing experience raising him and watching him grow into the best dog I could have ever asked for. Of course, with every pup, the first months were a little challenging with training, but he is so good now. A real cutie pie who melts everyone's heart! He is super play oriented and has a lot of little cute quirks which make us laugh every day. He is a cuddler and loves his belly rubbed. Judd is coming up to one year this January (already!!) and we have been very briefly spoken about getting a new little guy or girl to add to our family. I notice you have more pups on the way - we would be looking for a red merle. I am not sure if your next litter is spoken for, but could I request you put us on your email list?                                                                                                                                                                                          Thanks-hope all is well and you’re ready for your Xmas babies to arrive!             Kerra & Mark- Calgary, Alberta, Canada