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Hey Penny funny you e-mailed I was just thinking I should drop you a line. Monty is doing great, so full of energy I wish I could have a quarter of the energy he has. Travis is haying now and that is really good for Monty. He spends quite a lot of time in the tractor with Travis which is helping him settle a bit. We're hoping to take him in the boat yet this summer although that may be interesting! :) Him and Chase have a love hate relationship just like sibblings! Can't live with each other but can't live without them either. They have so much fun playing together!!! He just keeps getting better and better with the cows, a few weeks ago just him and Travis moved heifers we r breeding this year and Travis was once again blown away by how well he did and how he just know what to do! For sure send us pic's of your new litter of puppies! Not sure if we're quite ready for another one but we didn't think we were going to get one when we got Mont either so you just never know. We would really love a colorful blue merle female! Looking forward to seeing the puppies and I'll try to get some good pic's of Monty to send you today or tomorrow. Thanks again!!

Medicine Hat, Alberta


We just wanted to thank you so much for our little puppy. Tucker has

captured our hearts and we are so thankful for him.

Thank you.
Katt and Matt

Calgary , Alberta

Hi Penny,
we just wanted to tell you what a great puppy Dex is. He has such a great personality, he is very well behaved and so much fun to have around. I took him today for a walk outside the city to 'practice' off leash walking and he did just great. He sleeps through the night till at least 6:30 every morning and only had one 'accident' in the house so far. I already can't imagine not having him around. It was kind of a spur of the moment decision to get a puppy after we saw his picture. Him being so cute
and friendly I'm surprised he's one of the last puppies to go, but maybe he was just meant to be for us...We just love him, thanks,
PS: I will send some photos in a few weeks

Saskatoon , Sask.

Ghost Eye Dex & his Boxer friendGhost Eye Dex

Good afternoon Penny,

Just wanted to follow up with you on the female Aussie pup we bought you
from back in August. I have to say, she is an absolutely WONDERFUL
puppy. She was a bit sad the first few days, but once she settled in,
she has become an instant member of the family. We love her very much,
and it's already hard to imagine not having her around!

Already very very smart, knows lots of commands already (sit, come, roll
over, tornado, down, paw, jump, high-five) and is absolutely wonderful
on and off-leash going for long walks in the park and pretty much anywhere.

She's very energetic, and loves playing, running, pretty much anything

Overall, we absolutely love having her a part of the family, and are
extremely happy we have her. Thank you so much!! I've attached a few
pictures I took of her today at my sister's house in medicine hat.

Jon Coe + Family

Calgary, Alberta

We are completely in love with Kona! He is adapting very well to life with us and even the kitty. We can't hardly believe how smart he is! Already sitting and lying down!! He loves his tennis ball, and flies up and down our stairs like he's an agility champion already!! I've had so many complements on how beautiful he is, and I gave your # to a friend who is quite interested in getting one of your pups. Our hearts are full Penny, and we thank you!!

Jackie Steve, Paige and Lauren

Medicine Hat Alberta







Hey it's Jessica and Tavis here with and update on Titan:) I think last time we talked his name was Casper... That lasted two days till I realized it was to close to my cats name so we changed it up. He is a very smart little puppy! When he went to get his shots on the 3rd even the vet was impressed with the tricks he knows and attention span he has for being only 3 months. We have taught him to sit, lay down, roll over, shake a paw, and sit pretty. Haha super cute!! I will try to attach some photos to the email. Please let me know if you get them:) I will send some more in a few months as he gets older!! Thank you again for our amazing addition to our little family:)
Jessica and Tavis

Kimberley, B.C.

Ghost Eye Kona picGhost Eye KonaGhost Eye AllieGhost Eye Allie picGhost Eye MiloGhost Eye Milo picGhost Eye Milo pic3Ghost Eye Titan

Got the girls!! They are amazing. Thank you so much! I know shipping is a big pain. Cleaned the crate and let them romp in the grass at my cousins. They both potted and are now sound asleep. I'm sure they have had a long day.
I see that you have names on your description. I know the girls you git for me were named on the papers but i had planned on keeping them.I would like to name them.
Didn't know if you had a registered kennel name or what it was. Since you don't have the papers back yet this is what I had in mind.
Brassy - Ghost Eyes Kickin your Brass at TonKa's
Fancy - Ghost Eyes A Lil Bit Fancy at TonKa's
Also can I put on my website that they were bred by you at Ghost Eye Mini Aussies in Canada?

Tonya Nance
TonKa's Aussies

Oklahoma, U.S.A.

Ghost Eye FancyGhost Eye BrassyGhost Eye Fancy & BrassyspurspurspurspurGhost Eye TuckerMonty & Chase out boatingGhost Eye MontyText Box: Ghost Eye Monty
Out enjoying a boat ride 
With his buddy Chase
Text Box: Ghost Eye Tucker
Pictured @ his new 
home in Calgary
Text Box: Ghost Eye Dex
Pictured with his new
Friends in Saskatoon
Text Box: Ghost Eye Allie
Text Box: Ghost Eye Kona
Enjoying his backyard in Medicine Hat, Alberta
Text Box: Ghost Eye Milo
Text Box: Ghost Eye Titan
Text Box: Ghost Eyes A Lil Bit Fancy at Tonka’s
Pictured @ Ghost Eye Mini Aussies before flying out to Oklahoma
Text Box: Ghost Eye Kickin your Brass at Tonka’s
Pictured @ Ghost Eye Mini Aussies before flying out to Oklahoma

Hi Penny!
It has been just over a week now since we picked up our pup! We have decided to name him Copper, suits him well!!
He has settled in quite fast -- He already knows to go to the door when he has to go, all by himself! He learned how to sit and play fetch. He met all 8 of the family dogs and they all get along great! I have never seen a puppy that is so smart and that learns so fast! To say the least we are more than happy with Copper and can't imagine life without him!! We thank you so much for everything!!
I have attached a few recent pictures of him for you to see!!
Thanks again,
Danielle  -Regina, Sask.



ghost eye copperText Box: Ghost Eye Copper

Good evening Penny:

I just can’t put into words how much of a wonderful little man Riggs is. He is so sweet and loveable. The girls  at the Vets office had to have a turn loving him. They also asked me if they could use his picture on their Facebook. He is very much the attention grabber. I thank you so much for selling me this precious pup. He gets along fine with my other dogs, one thing he likes is trying to get into my pond with all the Koi fish. He loves the dirt and I have plenty of it in my flower beds (loves to dig a big hole and lay init. I have kept in the house with me because of the heat lately. He goes out off and on all day though. I started him on those NuVet Plus vitamins all my dogs take them and he likes them. Also his Vet visit turned out great, he got a Bordetella shot and he goes back in a couple of weeks on his other shots.

My dogs are very spoiled they have about five or six bins of toys and Riggs has really been enjoying them, every Christmas and birthday or when ever I go to a

Pet store or Pet Smart I always bring my babies a surprise.

Well I wanted to let you know he is doing GREAT. He will slways be a special little guy to me. Thanks again for everything and remember next spring when those red merles are born think of this lady in Texas.

Hope to hear from you soon and you are feeling much better now. Take Care will write again soon.

Your Aussie Friend from Texas

Shirley M.

P.S. Riggs will always be well cared for in his life.

pup #8 @ 5 1/2 weeks oldText Box: Ghost Eye Riggs
A week before catching the plane to Houston, Texas.
black tri female miniature australian shepherd
Bred by Ghost Eye Mini AussiesText Box: Ghost Eye Stella
(ghost blue merle female)
Text Box: Good morning Penny,

	It’s been two years now and I just wanted to thank-you again for breeding such amazing dogs. Stella is now 2 years old and is enjoying her
Weekends exploring the city and weekends in the mountains with her “brother” Hudson (a mini aussie as well). She is so happy-go-lucky, is the easiest dog to train, has an incredible herding instinct and loves to swim more than anything…

Again thank-you so much!

Karli Joy
Calgary, Alberta.

Hi Penny

                 Just thought I would let you know how Thatcher is doing. He is the best puppy!! He pretty much house trained himself, I didn’t have to do anything he just started going to the door when he had to go outside all on his own. He is SO easy to train its unbelievable. I just tell him to  do something once or twice and hes got it. He knows how to sit, lay down, stay, play fetch and were working on roll over right now. I’ve taken him camping twice now and he loves it! I don’t have to tie him up or even really watch him cause he just stays by me wherever we are. He even loves ridings horses with me! I just put him in front of me on the saddle and he just lays there, its pretty great. Everywhere I go people are always asking where I got him from! Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Ashley Lemieux- Beaumont, Alberta

blue eyed blue merle mini aussie
ghost eye thatcherblue eyed blue merle mini aussie
ghost eye thatcherblue eyed blue merle mini aussie
ghost eye thatcher

Hi Penny!

I hope all is well on the ranch! We just wanted to say thanks and update you with Woola.

He is an absolute doll. Even though he gets into some typical puppy mannerisms (chewing, jumping, etc.) over all he is really really good. He loves people and people love him. He is also good at playing with various dogs of all sizes and ages.

He is just starting puppy school, but already sits everytime we stop walking and knows a few tricks. We have some pictures on daily puppy that you can browse and he may be featured in the future. Here is the link http:/

We love him so much, thank you for allowing us to have him!

Ming and Ras

Vancouver, B.C.

blue eyed red merle mini aussie
ghost eye woolaText Box: Ghost Eye Thatcher
Enjoying his new home 
With Ashley 
Text Box: Ghost Eye Woola
Having a great summer in balmy Vancouver, B.C. !


Everything is going great! Bailey was nervous when we first met but once we left in our car and started driving she calmed right down. It was a long drive but she did great! She loves the farm and is enjoying relaxing in the shade any chance she gets. Thank you for advertising her for Cindy and Lee. I have always wanted a mini Aussie and she is the perfect fit! Here is a picture of her just hanging out on our deck.

Thank you again,

Tamara Campanelli

Tees, Alberta

Ghost Eye Bailey was sold as a pup, but needed to be

rehomed as a 1 year old. Thank you Tamara for giving Bailey her new family!

red tri mini aussie female
Ghost Eye BaileyText Box: Ghost Eye Bailey
Relaxing in her new home
Near Red Deer, Alberta
double blue eyed blue merle miniature australian sheperd
Ghost Eye Bellablue eyed red merle mini aussie
ghost eye woola

Hi there

Bella is doing great. Very happy active little lady, and extremely smart! Will be starting obedience classes in July.

                                                    Whitney Depeel

                                                    Indian Head, Sask.

Text Box: Ghost Eye Bella
Growing up in eastern Sask.

Hi Penny, We have had Ziva for 2 months already, hard to believe! I just wanted to let you know how “perfect” she is. While she does get puppy brain at times, on the whole it is hard to believe how calm and solid her personality is. She loves all people, dogs and is even learning about cats. She has been in boats, nursing homes, the laps of people in wheelchairs and nothing really phases her. She loves to run and loves all of the trails we take her on. She plays like a maniac with her puppy friends and all of our friends are falling over themselves offering to puppy sit anytime.

It was definitely meant to be, finding you online and her being available. If everyone else’s experience with their pups from this litter has been as good, there are a lot of happy people out there! We plan to enjoy her for many years! Next week we plan on seeing how she likes being in a kayak!

Take care


Vancouver, B.C.



Hi Penny,

We got the pup home and he is doing well- happy in his kennel. I think we will call him Milo (seems to listen to it) but will see how the week goes. I can already tell I will enjoy him - thanks Penny for selling him to me without meeting me. He is everything you said he would be, making me feel very good for not seeing him before. If you ever want to check up just give me a call.

Thanks again,


Carbon, Alberta

pup 4 @ 6 1/2 weeks old-black tri mini aussie female-miniature australian shepherd female black tri pup for sale in Sask. Canada.Text Box: Ghost Eye Ziva

We have received the results for the DNA health testing on our breeding dogs.

Please check out more info on these tests on our “About the Mini Aussie” page to see if your pup is effected!

Results are posted on our Male/ Female pages.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!!!

Thanks Penny  -July 8, 2014