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 I do NOT accept any pre-deposits on any of our litters. Once a litter has been born, I will set a date & time that I will begin accepting Deposits/Holds for the puppies. On the allotted date/time, I suggest trying to phone & at the same time send me an email with the mothers name & the # of the pup that you are wishing to reserve. If you are liking more than one puppy, then please list them in the order of your preference. Your name will be placed beside the first puppy on your list to reserve him/her for you. Once I am done with the phone, I will email everyone back & let them know if they have managed to secure the puppy of their choice. At that time, I will also send the info on how to make your deposit.

Puppy Available after our Release Date

If we still have any puppies available after the morning set for reserving our puppies, they will be listed as available & the following method is How to Reserve Your Puppy of Choice: Please send me an email at along with the puppy’s Mother’s name & the puppy’s description (# & coloring) and your contact info (legal name/ address/ phone #).  Once I receive your info & if the puppy is still available, I will then send you the info as to how to make your deposit & will then reserve the puppy for you. All deposits must be received within 5 business days… if not received in that time, then the puppy will be listed as available once more.

2021   Planned    LITTERS    

   If you wish to be contacted when a new litter has arrived, please email me- - to be put on our puppy list. Everyone on the contact list usually get the puppy info up to a day before it appears on the website due to the extra work involved with updating it. When the pups are approx. 12 days old - I mass email pics of the parents, pups & info on the litter.                                                                                              -   Thanks Penny

 We’re   GOT  Puppies!!!                                                                                

Please click on their individual links below to go to their litter pages                                                                  

Once on their litter pages you can then access each pup’s individual page for more pics/$/info!

2022 Spring/Summer Litters

Text Box:     
Text Box: Ghost Eye’s Hidden Gem  x   MMA Ghost Eye Kodiak                                          ASDR registered  VERY STRONG   BET Gene & Red Factored                                                              Males– 1 Red Bi, 1 Red Merle, 1 Black Bi & 1 Blue Merle  Females– 1 Red Tri & 3 Blue Merles                           	                     Ready for their new homes July 19th                                                                                                              	Heidi is a daughter of Bandit & Oatis                                                                                       				Kodiak comes to us from Missouri

    ~ ONE  Pup  AVAILABLE! ~

Litter # 2

MINI AUSSIES/Sm Standards~ 8 Pups Born May 25th~ READY TO GO NOW!!!

 Click here to View Heidi's Litter Page



In the midst of re-evaluating our program as I have been retaining a lot of our homebred Aussies in the last 2 years so am now having to cut back on our Adults quite drastically in order to make things work for us here. I currently have quite a few looking for Pet homes. Most have already been fixed (neutered/spayed). Please remember that as they are mature, each one has their own quirks & it can take up to 3 months before an adult dog will make the full adjustment to their new home.  NEW DOGS ADDED 06/29/2022


 Click here to go to our AVAILABLE  Adults  Page!

2022 Planned Summer Litters

Subject to changes

Ellie x Jake  Born 07/18/22

Last litter for Ellie & Jake as both have been retired from our program...Will be posting litter pages soon!

Laramie & Farmer Due approx. 08/05/22

First litter for Laramie & Last litter for Farmer as he has been retired from our program…..


barbwireText Box: Ghost Eye’s Prairie Wildfire     x  Cross L’s Ghost Eye Pendleton Ike                  ASDR registered- VERY STRONG-BET Gene  & Red Factored                                                 Males-1 Black Tri & 2 Blue Merles ~   Females– 1 Red Tri & 2 Red Merles                                                                                          	         Med– Lg minis expected !                                                                             		Ready for their new families  July  29th  			Prairie is a daughter of Callie & Oatis 					Ike comes to us from Oregon

Litter # 3

 MINI AUSSIES  ~ 6 Pups Born June 3rd ~ Sorry,  we are all spoken for! ~

    ~ Sorry, we are all spoken for~

Text Box: Ghost Eye's Calico Kat - red merle miniature australian shepherd- Ghost Eye Mini Aussies- Sask., CanadaNo photo description available. Click here to View Prairie's Previous Litter Text Box:     
Text Box:   Ghost Eye’s Tiger Lily x   Ghost Eye’s Bet N On The Farm                                     ASDR registered  VERY STRONG   BET Gene &  Red Factored                             Males– 1 Blue Merle, 1 Black Tri & 2 Red Merles  Females– 1 Blue Merle 	             Ready for their new homes July 7th                                                                                                                                                                                                        Heidi is a daughter of Annie & Okie                                                                                          Farmer is a son of  Sally & Nash

    ~ Sorry– we are all spoken for~

Litter # 1

MINI AUSSIES~ 5 Pups Born May 12th~ Sorry we are all spoken for!

Ghost Eye Hidden Gem-Heidi-Blue Eyed Blue Merle Miniature Australian Shepherd-ASDR-Ghost Eye Mini, CanadaGhost Eye Hidden Gem-Heidi-Blue Eyed Blue Merle Miniature Australian Shepherd-ASDR-Ghost Eye Mini, CanadaGhost Eye Hidden Gem-Heidi-Blue Eyed Blue Merle Miniature Australian Shepherd-ASDR-Ghost Eye Mini, Canada Click here to View Lily's Litter barbwire