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visitsText Box: RED MERLE TOY/SM MINI AUSSIE  MALE                                         Ghost Eye Oakley
SOLD for Tim Geissler & Janet Martens   - Congratulations on your 2nd Ghost Eye Aussie!
A handsome Red Merle Toy/Sm Miniature Australian Shepherd male pup. Gorgeous little man, blaze face going over muzzle & has an abundance of copper trim, 2 front socks, 3/4 collar & 4 white feet. Smallest wise in the litter at this time.  Looking like 2 blue eyes on this boy. This fella has gotten over his shyness & jumps right in with all 4 paws!
This boy should mature around 12-14”  & around 15-20 lbs. Both parents have great temperaments & I really think that they should balance out each other in this mating. This cross should produce athletic babies with a lot of ability.  Great pup for a pet home or will really throw some great pups for a breed home. 
 				Pet price with spay/neuter contract-     		          Breed/full registration price-  	          
		   		  $2500– CDN ~…..approx. $1975– USD			    $3000- 	CDN  ~…. approx. $2370-USD
  				          (must be fixed by 8 months of age)                                        (Co-Owner until Full DNA panel & OFA’s  done by 2 yrs of age												                                             & pick pup from first litter is received )  
Squeak is one of our homegrown Toy Aussie girls from Maddie & Sammy. She stands just shy of 14” tall & is approx. 20 lbs.  Squeak has a gorgeous thick coat which I find that a lot of Toy Aussies are lacking. Good bone under this girl. Her ears are a bit on the tiny side & she could use some nicer feet, but am hoping that Whiskey will help us out on those. Squeak comes from some strong BET lines, so maybe we will see some blue peepers in this litter.. 
Whisky is one of our new boys on the block & comes to us from Texas. Has some Toy Aussie lines as his sire is only 10” tall. He stands  13 7/8” & maybe 20 lbs? Really nice boy that is very correct & loving. Excited to see this litter mature. Whiskey’s M Locus test came back is m/M 236, OFA Patellas-Normal, OFA Prelims @ 1yr– Hips-Good, Elbows-Normal. 
VERY STRONG BET LINES !!          ***Please note that tail is now docked & due to some current info. on the use of 							dewclaws on agility dogs, I decided to keep them on on this litter. ***


Squeak & Whiskey
Toy Aussie Litter-October 14, 2021Pup # 4barbwire

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5  week  old

5 weeks old

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6 weeks  old

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