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reserve a PuppySchaffert's Ghost Eye Gus bloodlinesText Box: Jan. 11, 2017
Text Box: Timberline Ghost  Eye’s  Missouri Kate
Text Box:  Australian Shepherd
Text Box: Kate
Text Box: Maggie Bullock
Text Box: Registry:    AKC-Australian Shepherd 
Text Box: Little Rocky Road Bandit
Text Box: Gracie Indigo Bojangles
Text Box: Three Oaks Adobe Rose
Text Box: Timberlines Rebel Shurdancreek
Text Box: Darwalks Whileuwere Sleeping
Text Box: Bullocks Nakita
Text Box: Diamond K5 Branch@Timberline
Text Box: Timberlines California Cowboy
Text Box: Timberline’s Top Gun
Text Box: Calaiscarolina Wildbluyonder
Text Box: Koala-T’s Taylor Made
Text Box: Three Oaks Black Satin Doll
Text Box: Calais SweetVermouthcarolina
Text Box: Briarbrooks Valedictorian
Text Box: Timberline’s Missouri Girl
Text Box: Diamonds Rocky Road
Text Box: Three Oaks China Doll
Text Box: Rainyday’s Tinsel Town
Text Box: Diamonds Lil Heidi
Text Box: Timberlines DKMA Itsa Cowgirls Rumor
Text Box: Bullocks Blaze of Glory
Text Box: Timberline’s Checkmate
Text Box: Bullocks Blazin Fireman
Text Box: Mockingbirds Honey Pot
Text Box: Doc Bledsoe
Text Box: Country Road  Kila Fancynred
Text Box: Timberline’s Zammie
Text Box: Timberline’s Zantanon
Text Box: Timberline’s Dynasty
Text Box: Bullocks Powerstroke
Text Box: Mystic Puzzle of Shurdancreek
Text Box: Timberline’s Missouri Twister
Text Box: Timberline’s Black Amethyst 
Text Box: Timberline’s Jessie James
Text Box: Timberline Ghost Eye’s Missouri Kate
Text Box: Timberline’s Justice
Text Box: Timberline’s Jamacain Me Happy
Text Box: Timberline’s Lacountessa
Text Box: Mill Creek’s Patriotic Devotion
Text Box: Timberline’s Allegence
Text Box: Montrose The Golden Harvest
Text Box: Carolina Calais Calico Rose
Text Box: Aliyahs Patriot of Millcreek
Text Box: Mil Creeks Stonemeadowscotsman
Text Box: JKB Rebel
Text Box: Overlands Prepare For Victory
Text Box: Timberline’s Raise The Flag
Text Box: Blackwatch Indigo Sky
Text Box: Bojangles Van Baron
Text Box: Maggie x
Text Box: Daybreaks Little Blue Bandit
Text Box: Calais Lilmscantbwrng Evermore
Text Box: Calais Buck&Wing of Carolina
Text Box: Gracie Indigo Bojangles
Text Box: Little Rocky Road Bandit
Text Box: Timberline’s Calamity Jane
Text Box: Timberline’s Silverado
Text Box: Stovers Brane
Text Box: Carmans Little Skipper
Text Box: Prairerose Thanxalot
Text Box: Duffs Mr Personality
Text Box: Timberline’s Blue Eyed Jewel
Text Box: Timberline’s Just Call Me Ez
SiredamImage may contain: 1 personNo photo description available.Text Box:  Check out below for Kate’s full pedigree-
DNA Genetic Health Results from Paw Print Genetics
Full Aussie Panel - Clear!
Collie Eye Anomaly - Clear
Cone Degeneration -  Clear
Degenerative  Myelopathy (DM)- Positive
Hereditary Cataracts (Australian Shepherd Type)  HCF4– Clear
Hypercuricosuria– Clear
Multidrug Resistance 1 (MDR1) - Clear
Mulitfocal Retinopathy 1 - Clear
Neuronal  Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 6 - Clear
Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (PRCD) - Clear
PPG additional tests
Chondrodystrophy w/Intervertebral Disc Disease Risk Factor (CDDY with IVDD)  - N/A
Chondrodysplasia (CDPA) - N/A 
M Locus (Merle length)- N/A 
S Locus ( White spotting, parti or piebald) - N/A 
HIPS– Good ELBOWS– Normal   PATELLA - Normal  EYES– N/A

Red Merle - 

Eyes– Both amber

Estimated Mature Height:

15-15 1/2”

Estimated Mature Weight:

25-30 lbs

red merle miniature australian shepherd- Timberline Ghost Eye's Missouri Kate- AKC Australian Shepherd-ASDR Mini Aussie- Ghost Eye Mini Aussies- Sask., CanadaText Box:  Available!

REHOME FEE:  $1200-

Kate is a sweet girl that is decent on the leash, crate trained, likes other dogs & people.  She does enjoy cuddles. Is reserved with strangers, but once she gets to know you she will always be by your side. Med/low drive.  Up to date on her shots. Will be 5 yrs old in Jan./2022. Is spayed & is Available to a PET HOME. Ready to go NOW.

timberline ghost eye's missouri katered merle miniature australian shepherd- Timberline Ghost Eye's Missouri Kate- AKC Australian Shepherd-ASDR Mini Aussie- Ghost Eye Mini Aussies- Sask., Canada